Everest EPDM


Flexible hose for suction and delivery of chemical products, with EPDM rubber and in accordance with EN 12115.
Everest EPDM
EN 12115:11.
hardwall hose designed to handle a wide range of chemical products, weak oxidizing acids, bases, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, hot water and hot air. It is specially recommended to convey industrial waters and for use in water purification systems.
Temperature: -40°C(- 40°F) +100°C(+212°F) depending on medium.
Branding: continuous violet spiral stripe “Chem (family logo)...”. Embossed branding according to EN 12115.

Electrical resistance 
Ω/T, electrically conductive hose. Electrical resistance for lengths equal or lower than 40m.
Tube: black, smooth, EPDM rubber. For temperature exceeding 50°C contact.
Reinforcement: high strength synthetic cord plus steel helix wire.
Cover: black, smooth (wrapped finish), EPDM rubber, resistant to chemical products, abrasion, weathering and ozone.