ASERA BS (variable angle VA also)


FIXED SIDE-ENTRY MIXERS WITH SHUT-OFF DEVICE (FULL TANK MECHANICAL SEAL REPLACEMENT) Special electro-agitators to blend mineral products in storage tanks such as crude oil and its derivates as fuels and diesel oils. Specifically designed for the refinery blending and storage tanks; widely used now for biological products coming from seed plants.
ASERA BS (variable angle VA also)

Characterised by the possibility of replacing the mechanical seal with very quick maintenance operations, without either removing the mixer from the tank (shut-off device) nor dismantling the gear case from the equipment.

Easy and fast accessibility to the seal device, assembled on a bush and quickly extractable due to its external position.

Mixers manufactured with UNI std mounting flange inclined left-hand by 7° or 10° from the axis, acc. to the size, avoiding the installation of an inclined stub and reducing considerably weight and straddle. This solution allows a better support and a greater stability in operation, avoiding the use of tie rods as the equipment are self-supporting and compact.



  • variable angle device (AV)
  • control/alarm instrumentation
  • seal leakage detector
  • ANSI or API flange