Full performance in semi-finished products.


The semi-finished products we make have a bright future ahead of them as our customers use them in a whole variety of final products. This means we share responsibility in our customers' own customers' satisfaction – one reason we place high priority on securing and documenting a consistently high level of quality. This applies not only to manufacturing using our sophisticated machines – some of which we engineered in-house – but also our materials testing and quality control on raw materials and intermediates. Quality? You can be sure of it.
 Full performance in semi-finished products.

PP semi-finished products.

You might be interested to know that we also manufacture and supply pressed PP semi-finished products – contact us and tell us about your ideas, we’ll turn them into products together

We give you the widest possible choice in dimensions and shapes for the perfect material in your application – our sintering presses are capable of manufacturing large panels, and our standard product range includes rods, bands, peeled or extruded semi-finished products. We also manufacture to custom dimensions on request.
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