Control valve for contractors, OEMS and End Users with a product range of unparalleled breadth to meet modern INDUSTRY’S flow needs in various markets. The extensive range of complementary products is designed to provide a flexible approach to solving your operational requirements and has the capability to handle any flow control requirement - from custom-engineered products to large projects.
General Service Applications - The typical pressure rating for these (linear and rotary) valves does not exceed ANSI CLASS 300 (PN40).
Low Temperature & Cryogenic Applications - By using an extended bonnet, the packing, gaskets and seals are protected from cryogenic temperatures, thus ensuring their sealing properties. optional special gaskets and packings can be used to operate at temperatures as low as -457°F (- 272°C).
Medium – High Pressure Applications - High-pressure control valves on the market in pressure classes to ANSI CLASS 4500 (PN4000) and beyond.
Low Flow & Micro Flow Applications - for CV values between 0.01 and 4.7. micro flow valves capable of CV ranging from 0.01 down to 0.0000012 also available. These products are widely used for applications in laboratories and industrial research deparments as well as in industrial processes requiring high degrees of control accuracy.
Corrosive Applications - Valves from carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, hastelloy, alloy 6, inconel, monel, and many other alloys. For fluids that require even greater chemical resistance, we offer a variety of solid plastic and plastic lined valves.
Sanitary & Aseptic Applications - for the food and beverage industry as well as in biotechnolgy, pharmacy and other areas where perfect cleanliness and sterile valves are required.
Special / Other Applications - when the use od standard globe valves is not possible valves such as split body or ball sector type can be installed.
Severe Services - Applications which have excessive noise, cavitation, erosion, or high pressure drops.
Actuators- Different types of actuators according to the thrust or torque required (pneumatic, electric, or hydraulic) to operate rotary or linear control valve designs.
Digital Positiones - Ranging from digital positioners without any communications protocols to hart and foundation fieldbus positioners and advanced diagnostics.
Accessories - Limit switch boxes / position transmitters / flow boosters etc.