VHF Radio System


A VHF radio system is an important safety tool allowing onshore and offshore operators to perform VHF calls via remote radio using VHF-over-IP technology.
VHF Radio System

VHF radio system is ideal solution for the following challenges:

  • Cost-effective alternative to conventional voice switches.
  • Recording and playback of VHF history, radar, and the AIS traffic picture.
  • Remote control of marine VHF radio stations.
  • Flexible configuration allowing multiple operators to utilize the same radios from different locations.

VHF radio system features:

  • Intuitive touch screen user interface.
  • Adjustable individual settings for transceivers, channels, microphone and audio levels.
  • Real-time control and monitoring of system status and key parameters.
  • Recording of all voice communications on a central recorder. Recording duration is up to 1 year.



VHF system components:

  • Jotron TR77xx radio.
  • Server for information processing.
  • iVHF Windows application.

Connection of the components:

  • The system uses IP technology and Ed 137 protocol to transfer both voice and control data.
  • Works across standard routers and firewalls. The VHF Radio communication system has been tested on different types of networks: slow satellite links, fibre optics and a standard LAN working irrespective the underlying transport.
VHF Radio System
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