Orlando epr


Rubber hose for delivery of aggressive chemicals, acids, bases, aldehydes and ketones, with EPR rubber.
 Orlando epr
softwall hose designed to handle a wide range of chemical products, acids, bases, aldehydes and ketones. It is specially recommended to convey industrial waters and for use in water purification systems.
Temperature: -40°C(-40°F) +100°C(+212°F) depending on medium.
Branding: continuous violet stripe “Chem (family logo)...”.
Tube: black, smooth, antistatic EPR rubber. Chemical resistance according to IVG chemical resistance chart. For temperature exceeding 50°C contact.
Reinforcement: high strength synthetic cord.
Cover: black, antistatic, smooth (wrapped finish), EPR rubber, resistant to chemical products, abrasion, weathering and ozone.