Pig launchers & Pig Receivers


Applications: Our supplier is capable of manufacturing most advanced skid mounted pigging systems, which included unique jacking system, handling system, and trolley, skid mounted mobile pig launcher and pig receiver systems, environment friendly skid pigging systems.Rhino Pipeline Equipment provides Pig Receiver & Launchers to oil, gas and liquid service and operator companies. Rhino is capable of providing pig receives and launchers for pipelines of any size and pressure ratings. Rhino provides complete solutions for your pipeline related jobs, such as cleaning, drying, testing and displacement. Easy to use Rhino launchers and receivers can be used almost all kind of applications. Rhino PRL can be designed to accommodate scraper pigs, sphere pigs or "smart" pigs, or any combination of the three. STANDARD RHINO™ PIG LAUNCHER & PIG RECEIVERS comes with the standard type pig signal /indicator, closure, and nozzles.
Pig launchers & Pig Receivers
  • Designed to ASME B31.4 , ASME B31.8 and ASME Section VIII Div. 1 Codes
  • All pig receiver and pig launcher systems come with the appropriate pig indicator
  • All pig receiver and pig launcher systems come with the appropriate closures
  • All pig receiver and pig launcher systems come with the sand blasted and primer coated and color of your choice
  • All welds are 100% inspected and tested
  • All pig receiver and pig launcher systems are hydrostatically tested
Product Benefits:
  • Easy to use and install 
  • You do not need a special tool or experience to install 
  • Rhino™ pig receiver and launcher is made of corrosion resistant materials with long life duration.
  • Rhino™ offers spare parts for all of its products during maintenance.
  • Rhino™ closures come with the two different choices of seals that are resistant to high pressure and prevent leakages.  
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
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